Aja Dang
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Become an avid fan of yourself.

I’m an American TV host turned lifestyle blogger and I want to help you become your best self.

Everything from public access TV in Berkley to my own sports show with Fox Sports has provided me with 13 years of broadcast journalism experience. Now I want to channel what I’ve learned from companies like Maxim Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter and the NFL Network to inspire others.


How did I grow my following to 800,000+ people?

  • A Youtube channel based in lifestyle advice, beauty tutorials, and fashion lookbooks 

  • A commitment to natural beauty and self growth

  • Absolute honesty and unabashed confidence



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Speaking up for what you believe in can take you far.

Use your platform to make a difference.

The merchandise I sell has a purpose.

10% of the proceeds from each of my capsule collections will be donated to a charity I believe in.

The "A Woman's Worth" collection is donating proceeds to Planned Parenthood, while future collections will help support various organizations in animal rights, environmental and the education sector. 


Being yourself is a powerful thing—so what are you waiting for?

Let’s work together to get you feeling your best, today.