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Earlier this month I hosted a Lunar New Year Event for Royal Salute

For the Chinese culture, Lunar New Year is the most important, most celebrated holiday of the year. Farmers could finally take a break from working in the fields and families would travel far and wide to spend the holidays togethers. While my Lunar New Year has become more Westernized over the years, it is still a time of celebration with those I love. 

This year, thanks to Royal Salute, I was able to bring my best friends together for a Lunar New Year 8-course meal paired with a Royal Salute Whiskey tasting. While I had to host the event, I was still able to enjoy the night with my friends and had an amazing time. While I had originally documented the night for my vlog, I ended up not having time to edit it so footage of the amazing dishes and the drinks are still on my desktop (boo). 

But what is equally as important as food and drinks? THE OUTFIT - and there is no shortage of footage there. I have a great relationship with a couple showrooms in Los Angeles and was able to pull an amazing evening gown from Fashion Forward. Since I was the MC for the night, I wanted to be comfortable and needed something I could easily move around in. 

After trying on six other dresses, we found this gorgeous black gown from Forever Paris. I paired the gown with a faux fur coat from Sanctuary Clothing and my trusted Jessica Simpson closed toed shoes.

 photography by: William Callan 

photography by: William Callan 

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