How Colored Contacts Can Amplify Your Look

I received compensation from AIR OPTIX® COLORS in exchange for writing this post. All opinions are my own.

If you've followed me for a while, you're probably familiar with my go-to look. It would be described as very natural, with an emphasis on skin and brightness. I love this makeup look. It's very quick and easy to do and because I spend more time on skincare than my makeup routine, many people think I'm younger than I actually am. That being said, sometimes I want to change it up without the addition of a dramatic smoky eye or heavy contour, so what's a natural girl to do?!

Enter Alcon AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses.

The last time I wore color contacts was in 8th grade. They were green and I felt like Adriana Lima. So, 16 years later in order to bring out that exact same feeling, I decided to try out color contacts again. 

Staying in line with my go-to look, I decided to get two of the more natural looking colors for my skin tone and ethnicity: Gemstone Green (duh) and Pure Hazel. My main concern about wearing color contact lenses was whether they were going to be comfortable or not. I remember in middle school my lenses feeling terribly uncomfortable and dry. However, I did not experience any such discomfort in my Alcon AIR OPTIX® COLORS lenses.

 Gemstone Green contacts are incredibly natural for how dramatic of a change it gives me.

Gemstone Green contacts are incredibly natural for how dramatic of a change it gives me.

 Pure Hazel contacts emphasize my natural eye color.

Pure Hazel contacts emphasize my natural eye color.

I've worn both colors multiple times over the past few weeks and they are so comfortable. I went to New York for an event last month and wore my Pure Hazel ones for 14 hours! The contacts are breathable and comfortable, which is why I've been wearing them so often.

I love the Pure Hazel contact lenses for an everyday look. They are slightly lighter than my natural eye color but add a brightness and openness to my eyes and overall look. With the Gemstone Green lenses, I just feel more daring. Even if I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I feel a confidence come over me that's reminiscent of my not-so-secret obsession with Adriana. I would save these for a special occasion, one where I would want to make a big impact. Or, if you just want to give yourself a boost on a particularly mundane day, this color would be a great go-to.

I would definitely recommend trying out color contact lenses if you want to add a little something to your look. If you're interested in Alcon AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses, head over to and play around in the Color Studio where you can virtually test out all nine shades - a pretty great way to find your favorite color! You can only get AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses through your eye doctor, but you can get them with or without vision correction.

Don’t forget! You need to have a prescription to wear AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses. Don’t sleep in these lenses and don’t share them with your friends. Ask your eye doctor for complete wear, care and safety information. Caution: U.S. federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed eye care professional.


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