My 6 Favorite Products For A Natural Glow

 photo by  Mclaren Ray

photo by Mclaren Ray


We all want glowing, radiant skin. If I could wake up looking like Beyonce I would, but most mornings I wake up looking like a troll from a Pixar movie. 

Luckily we have options, thank god. Ranging from boosters to moisturizers to highlighters, all these products can be used individually or together (on those really rough days) to give you a beautiful, natural glow.

These are my six favorite products for a natural glow:

Clarins Energy Booster: This is one of the newer products that I've added to my skin routine. Although I have a pretty extensive night and morning routine, the Clarins Energy Booster has been a welcome addition to the team. This is a highly concentrated formula enriched in ginseng, which is a plant known for it's stimulating properties allowing the booster to revive skin's radiance and minimizes the signs of fatigue. Because it's so concentrated, you need to mix it with a moisturizer, mask, serum or foundation. I like to mix it with my moisturizer before bed or before I apply my makeup. At first I found the booster to be sticky, so I've only been adding two drops into my moisturizer. While there are other booster for other skin needs (ie. Detox & Repair boosters), the Energy booster is perfect for dullness and uneven skintone. 

7 Days Sheet Masks: If you follow me on Snapchat you know I'm a huge fan of face masks. The 7 Day Masks are my FAVORITE because 1) they work and 2) THEY ARE ONLY $3!!! You can't even buy gum for $3! There are masks for every skin need but for brightening and glowing I like the 7 Days Pomegranate Mask and the 7 Days Lemon Mask. Pomegranate is great for firming and radiating as the fruit's own properties deliver essential nutrients for healthier, more glowing skin. Lemon, as we all know, has a brightening effect that soothes out rough skin. The Pomegranate mask is my go-to favorite but I use the Lemon one when I need an extra brightening boost. 

GlamGlow GLOWSTARTER: This is Glamglow's first entry into the moisturizer category and they hit it out of the park. The Glowstarter is a moisturizer and illuminizer in one and if you've always wanted that JLo glow, I'd recommend getting this. Not only does it smell delicious but it enhances your complexion with pearl particles and balances your skin's moisture with Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. You can use it as a highlight but I like to use it on bare skin as a moisturizer to give me an illuminating glow prior to putting makeup on. 

24/7 Touch Up Skin Perfecting Cream & Glossier Haloscope: I'm going to skim over these two because I've already talked about them in my Summer Favorites post, but I use both of these products daily to add a natural glow during my makeup routine. The 24/7 Touch Up Skin Perfecting Cream has a subtle shimmer and brightening and anti-aging ingredients that gives your skin that K-beauty dewiness. While Haloscope in Quartz is a pearlescent highlight that never dries out. 

Pop Beauty's Pow Wow Powder in Strobin' Glow: I'm not really one to use a powder highlight on a daily basis but I love the natural look of Strobin' Glow. The other highlight palettes I have are very glittery and while pretty, I don't particularly want to look like a Halloween fairy. For me, Strobin' Glow has just the right amount of shimmer plus a silky, smooth feel to it. With four colors in the palette, there is definitely one in there for every skintone. 

Those are my favorite and most used "glow" products. What are some of your favorites?