What I Ate This Week - Easy, Healthy Meals

This week was my first real attempt at meal prepping. 

I really appreciate the idea of meal prepping - planning out all your meals, spending one day cooking all of them and then spending the rest of the week eating. I love the idea of it but when push come to shove, I'm just too damn lazy to do it. 

That all changed this past week as I was determined to test the waters. So how did I do it?

I started pinning and saving a bunch of healthy (and delicious) recipes on Twitter and Pinterest and on Sunday I made my menu and shopped. I need to emphasize this - I LOVE FOOD. I LOVE SAUCE. I LOVE FAT. I LOVE SALT. The more flavor the better, which is why finding healthy recipes to meal prep is a challenge. Finding that balance of healthy meals and flavorful meals is difficult. I meannnn, do people really just eat baked fish every day? REALLLLYYYYYY?


1) These recipes while healthy, do have a ton of flavor to them, enjoy! 

2) Only one meal has meat in it. Now I'm not jumping on the vegan train (because cheese and sushi) but I've noticed that my body just doesn't respond to meat that well anymore. I feel gross after I eat it (or maybe it's just my cooking, who knows) so I'm basically cutting it out. The exception is the Carnitas Bowl.

3) This meal prep menu is just for one. I think what went wrong all the times before is that I tried to meal prep for both Brian and I - talk about overwhelming. So I told him that I'm going to concentrate on my meals and he can concentrate on his. If you're wondering what his menu looked like it's basically brown rice, spinach and chicken/fish. BORING!! 

4) When I say "meal prep" I really mean "mise en place". "Mise en place" is a french phrase meaning "everything in its place". This means I don't cook everyyythhhiinnnggg in one day. The idea of eating 4 day old sautéed spinach irks me. Instead I cut and prep everything:  prepare/slow cook meat, chop vegetables, mix ingredients, etc. Prepare everything before the real cooking begins so everything is a breeze. This allows me to eat fresh meals throughout the week in half the time!  

5) I don't believe in that whole "3 meals, 2 snacks a day" thing. My appetite changes all the time. Sometimes I'm hungry 24/7, sometimes I only eat breakfast and dinner. I'm not going to force myself to eat if I'm not hungry.

I think I've covered all the basics. So here is what my week looked like: 


Breakfast: Overnight Peach and Cream Chia Seed Oats

 beautiful picture and recipe by  Making Thyme For Health . The pictures only go down hill from here,, sorry!

beautiful picture and recipe by Making Thyme For Health. The pictures only go down hill from here,, sorry!

This was my second attempt at doing one of these overnight jar breakfasts'. The last one had no flavor so I wasn't super eager to try this one but it was really great! Lots of flavor and so easy! For me, three days is the max I would let it sit in the fridge. After that it gets too mushy for me. 

Check out Making Thyme For Health for the recipe 

Snack: Easy Spiced Almond-Date Balls

Great recipe! Took 20 minutes to make and lasted the whole week. This recipe made about 30 and I just had to buy the dates for $12. The juice store down the street charges $5 for 4 date balls... NEVER AGAIN. Check out Healthy Recipe Ecstasy for the recipe.

Lunch: Sweet Potato and Black Bean Bowl

This is an easy recipe but honestly, not my favorite. I think I'm just not a fan of sweet potato. (That's right, I said it!) But if you are, here you go:

1/2 sweet potato

1/2 cup cooked brown rice

1/2 cup cooked black beans

1/2 cup cooked broccoli florets

1/2 avocado

Cut a sweet potato in half, poke several holes all over with a fork, and bake at 400 degrees until tender. Add the rest of the ingredients and sprinkle paprika, salt and pepper on it. 

Dinner: Warm Kale Quinoa Salad

This is one of my favorite recipes and perfect as leftovers for a couple days. Check out the recipe at Food Heaven Made Easy


Breakfast: Overnight Peaches and Cream Chia Seed Oats

Snack: Easy Spiced Almond-Date Balls

Lunch: Had a salad from SweetGreens - it's our new favorite salad place. 

Dinner: Carnitas Bowl

This is another favorite of mine. Although the recipe says you can slow cook it on high for 3 hours, I always prefer to slow cook on low for 8-9 hours - more flavor and tender! While the recipe calls for you to make street corn, but I used regular canned corn because I'm lazy but if you want to go the whole nine yards, go for it! Head over to FitFoodieFinds for the recipe.


Breakfast: Overnight Peaches and Cream Chia Seed Oats

Snack: Easy Spiced Almond Date Balls

Lunch: Carnitas Bowl

DinnerWarm Kale Quinoa Salad


Breakfast: Mint Chocolate Smoothie

Smoothies are my breakfast go-to. I don't like eggs, bacon, all that traditional American breakfast food. It's too filling and oily and it makes me feel like crap. So I usually have smoothies because they are fast, easy and you can throw anything in it. 

1 Scoop of HUM Nutrition Green Superfood in Mint Chocolate Chip  

1 cup of almond milk

1 banana sliced

1 cup spinach leaves

blend all the ingredients together! 

Lunch: Warm Kale Quinoa Salad

Dinner: Carnitas Bowl


Breakfast: Smoothie

Snack: Easy Spiced Almond-Date Balls 

Lunch: Avocado and Black Bean Taquitos

Yum Yum Yum. I think I just really love the mixture of red onion, tomato and avocado. Another easy recipe, to prep this meal just cut all the veggies and when you're ready to eat cut the avocado! What you need:

1/4 red onion, cubed (I always use more)

1/2 cucumber, cubed

1/2 cup of cherry tomatoes

1 lime

1 cup of cooked black beans

1/2 of an avocado, mashed

Mix the onions, cucumbers and tomatoes with the juice of half a lime + salt.  Heat 1-2 tortilla until soft and stuff with black beans, avocado and onion mixture. Sprinkle with paprika and salt.

Dinner: Butterfish with Rice & Seaweed

Every time my dad comes into town he brings some of my Hawaiian favorites to Hollywood. This time he brought Butterfish; cod with a miso glaze. He gets it from Costco (Costco is way better in Hawaii, btw) so I just broil it in the oven and add rice and seaweed. Easy. 

leave any recipes you think I might like in the comments!