How To Spend One Day in Huntington Beach, CA


This past week we drove an hour south of Los Angeles and enjoyed a mini staycation in Huntington Beach, fCA.

The last time I was in Huntington Beach was three years ago and it was only for a couple of hours so when we had the opportunity to stay the night and enjoy what HB has to offer, we jumped at the chance to do so. We packed up the car (and the dogs) and drove south. 

Where To Stay 

We wanted something close to the beach but more importantly, we needed a hotel that was dog friendly. A trendy, affordable, dog friendly hotel is hard to find but we managed to find one in The Shorebreak Hotel. Not only is The Shorebreak right on the beach but for my pet owners, there is no pet fee. That's right, ZERO PET FEE. Whhhaaattt???

Once we checked in the service kept getting better and better! Our room had a welcome package: Wine for Brian and I and dog treats and shirts for the boys! The hotel even framed a picture of Levi and Luke for us. How great is that? The Kimpton chain really won me over in the first two hours of our stay. 

Where To Eat

To beat the infamous LA traffic we left early in the morning and arrived at the hotel at 9a. Check in wasn't for a couple of hours so we decided to walk around and find breakfast. We didn't have to walk far as Bruxie and their famous chicken and waffle sandwiches were right across the street. Brian LOVES chicken and waffles so going there was a no-brainer. As you know, I'm not a fan of breakfast, it's too heavy and makes me feel sluggish. Needless to say, I wasn't too excited to eat chicken and waffles for breakfast but there weren't any smoothies on the menu so I was out of options. 

To my surprise, the sandwich was incredibly light. The chicken was nicely breaded, not oily and the waffle was crispy and thin. The bottom of the sandwich was lined with cabbage, not a full serving of veggies worth but I was able to convince myself that I was eating something "healthy". Brian REALLY loved it so we went back the next day for breakfast.

Breakfast was my first look at how dog friendly the city of Huntington Beach is. Both the hotel lobby and restaurant had dog treats and water bowls available. I've never experienced such pet friendly hospitality in LA before so I was incredibly surprised. 

As for dinner, we headed to the hotel restaurant specifically to check out the hotel's dog menu. For the adults it was happy hour (yay!) so while we dined on every single item on the happy hour menu, the boys enjoyed some fish and beef dishes.  

What To Do

Down the street from the hotel is a dog beach. I love the idea of a dog beach; a designated area where dogs can run off leash and play in the water. Los Angeles doesn't have any designated dog beached and when I visit my mom in San Diego, she takes Levi to the beach but dogs are only allowed there until 10a. At the Huntington Beach dog park, it's an all day affaire and when we got there it was pretty busy. There was mostly big dogs at the beach but all the dogs were well behaved and the owners were respectful of one another.

The boys absolutely loved it! Any time they get to run off leash is a treat for them and Luke really enjoyed playing in the sand. For me, it was the perfect beach day. We only stayed for an hour but If we ever have time to go back, I'll have to pack a picnic and bring an umbrella to stay longer. The hotel did offer beach umbrellas, chairs and towels to those who stayed with them but we just took them up on the towels. 

Brian had to head to his tattoo appointment in the evening (the reason why we were there in the first place) and I had to drive to Santa Monica the next day for a shoot so I called it a night pretty early. While we only had a couple hours to fully enjoy the amenities that the hotel and city had to offer, it was well worth it. I really needed to get out of the city and unplug for a bit and that's exactly what Huntington Beach allowed me to do. I would definitely recommend visiting Huntington Beach if you have the chance, and bring your pets if you have any!