photography by  Randy Nakajima

photography by Randy Nakajima

Women do things better than men and wearing menswear is no different.

While this has been a consistent trend for years, it never fails to surprise me how sexy and chic a woman can look in suspenders and a three piece suits. With that being said, I've never really ventured down the menswear path as I am more of a sweatpants kind of girl (and not in a trendy way, more in a lazy kind of way.)

I bought the trousers and shoes two years ago in Tokyo (my favorite place to shop) with the intention of putting a little more effort into the way I dress and this is the first time I'm wearing them *sigh*. Well, better late than never, and this is now my new favorite boss bitch look. 

The look is pretty classic but I added the leather jacket in order to give it a current, more harder edge. While the jacket is real leather, I do have some great vegan option that I will tag for those who are interested in that. The trousers, shoes, glasses and clutch are from Tokyo but I'm sure you can easily find similar items at your favorite local fashion stop. On a side note, the glasses and clutch are actually from the mens department so scour your boyfriends closet for fun fashion pieces! 

leather jacket: DSTLD or BLANK NYC / PROJECT GRAVITAS for vegan options

glasses: HARE at LUMINE MAN

button up: TOBI

trousers: JEANASIS


clutch: HARE at LUMINE MAN

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