THE TREND REPORT: Bomber Jackets

If you've ventured around my website you should know that I have a thing for leather (and vegan) moto jackets. But on occasion I like to trade in my badass moto's a versatile bomber jacket. Coming in a variety of fabrics, colors and accents, a bomber jacket will add an instant cool factor to your look. Add a dark colored bomber jacket to a summer dress to get a sporty vibe or add a feminine touch with a silk and embellished bomber jacket to dress up a casual outfit. With tons of options available in various price points, there is something for everyone!

They are the (too much?)

I have a few in my closet but the one I wear the most is my army green jacket from HM. I bought this two years ago, proving that staple pieces never go out of style. I like to call today's look "The NY Fashionista's Walk of Shame". You have the walk of shame staples: sweatpants, your man's sunglasses and last night's heals, paired with the trendy bomber jacket and a crop top.  This is a walk a of shame you hope to be caught doing. 

bomber: HM
jogger pants: PUBLISH
sunglasses: RAY BAN

photos by Randy Nakajima