Fall Transitions

  photos courtesy of Justin Degarbo. View his work   here   &   here  .

photos courtesy of Justin Degarbo. View his work here & here.


The time of the year between Summer and Fall is my favorite time - fashion wise. It's still warm enough to not have to wear bulky coats & jeans but it cools down enough at night to where you can wear a fabulous jacket, or in my case, suede boots. 

For three summers during undergrad I worked at Banana Republic at Ala Moana Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. At that time, Banana Republic was my go-to store + all my friends worked there so it was the perfect summer job. Plus the discount didn't hurt: 50% off everything? YES PLEASE!

Eight years later I still own two items I bought during those summers. A large cognac leather hobo bag and my brown suede boots. I forgot I had the boots for a couple years. After moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles and then changing apartments three times before settling into my overpriced apartment on Hollywood Boulevard, it had gotten lost in storage.

They have since been saved from the life of dark spaces and moth balls and are walking around the streets of LA.

Suede shoes are a great addition to your wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down and can be paired with both jeans or a shorter hemline. Plus, if you find ones like mine, you'll be able to walk miles in them without a blister.

Since it's still warm I paired my boots with a blouse from H&M and a cargo skirt from Urban Outfitters. My second favorite part of this outfit is my layering of chokers from Amarilo Jewelry and Washed Ashore Adornments. I'm still trying to get ahold of the talent that is layering neck pieces but this is a great first step. 

The Amarilo piece is a gold fill wire choker with a black wraparound tie and the Washed Ashore choker is wrapped in mini pearls. Individually they are two different looks but together they are able to play off each other because both are minimal in style.

The outfit as a whole is one of my favorite looks. It's giving me updated Mod vibes - I imagine this is something my mom would've worn in her 20's.

What's your favorite summer to fall transitional piece?