5 Bra Shopping Tips | Secrets from the Pros


I've been walking around with the wrong sized bras for three years. 

The last time I got sized I was in the Victorias Secrets dressing room and the line was so long that the sales associate didn't have time to dedicate to fit me properly.

I wouldn't say the experience was traumatic but it definitely wasn't enjoyable. Especially since I was bloated and staring at pictures of Adriana Lima in her glory. I definitely didn't want to go back, and I haven't.

So for three years I've been walking around in bras that didn't fit. My t-shirt bra was so big that my breasts didn't fill out the cups. My strapless was so small that it both flattened me in the front and had me spilling out over the sides. Both were size 34b, the size that the VS associate told me I was.

Fast forward to this year, my life has been changed. 

Not only is my dresser stocked with bras that actually fit me, I now have a go-to bra spot that doesn't scare the shit out of me. The Lace Lounge on La Cienega has given myself (and my boobs) the right support it deserves. From the dedicated one-on-one time I was given, I found out that my bra size ranges between a 30c and 32b on the brand and the type of bra. One size doesn't fit all. 

PS. If you are in the Los Angeles area, check out The Lace Lounge on Instagram & Facebook to get more information about them! 

During my times with Tiffany, the owner of The Lace Lounge, I have discovered some tricks of the boob trade. Here are a couple things every woman should know about buying a bra.

  1. If the cup doesn't fit, it doesn't fit: Obvious isn't it? But as I previously explained, I thought I was doomed to walking around in bras that didn't fit because a "professional" told me I was a certain size. For 3 years I thought I had weird boobs because the size I was told I was, didn't fit me - at all. It gave me a serious complex. But there IS a perfect size for you. It takes time (and maybe a true bra professional) to help you find the best fitting cup. Within 30 minutes of my appointment of Tiffany we discovered that my sweet spot is a 30c. Granted, not too many brands and department stores carry that size but now I know what to look for. 
  2. One bra may be your best fit: After discovering that I was a perfect 30c, we also figured out that a demi bra was ideal for the shape of my breasts. Demi bras have always been a good friend to me, but I just thought that was because of the particular style of bra. Wrong. Due to my particular shape (something about fullness and projection) the demi bra is a great bra for my body. As always, not every bra is the same so try different bras to see which one fits you best.
  3. Your bra shouldn't hurt: Bras aren't the most enjoyable thing to wear. The first thing I do when I get home is take off my bra. But your bra shouldn't be so tight that it leaves red marks on your body. General rule of thumb: You should be able to fit two fingers under the band, which should sit horizontally across your back. If it's too tight, go up a size; if it's too loose, go down. Check out my Youtube video if you need a demonstration of this. 
  4. If your boobs are different sizes, cater to the larger one: Most of us have different sized boobs. My left side is larger then my right so I make sure that my bra fits best of my left. Having one looser side is better than having a too-tight side.
  5. Go to a real bra professional: If you take one thing away from this post I hope it's to get properly sized. Oprah started the "Bra Revolution" back in the day because 8 out of 10 woman are wearing the wrong sized bra. So please, PLEASE get properly sized. If you have a boutique bra shop in your area I would recommend that. If not, make sure the sales associate at the department store spends some good quality time with you and your girls. DON'T buy anything if you are unsure of the fit.