Business Casual

  photo courtesy of Justin Degarbo. View his work   here   &   here  .

photo courtesy of Justin Degarbo. View his work here & here.

It's a rare occasion when I actually get dressed in public-appropriate clothes. 

The downfall of working from home is that there is no urgency to change out of my toothpaste stained sleep shirt and into something with buttons, or even a zipper (I'm looking at you sweatpants). 

Believe it or not, I used to have a 9-5  and there are still remnants of my past life in my closet. A few button down shirts and three pairs of slacks that haven't seen the light of day since 2013. But my life as a law firm intern/Banana Republic cashier/bridal salon manager/Fox Sports reporter creeps back up when I have meetings.

What is appropriate business meeting attire for the freelancer? That question is even more confusing when living in Los Angeles, a hotspot for the "creative". A "creative" is a freelancer in the creative space ie. art design, photography, blogging, etc. You know you've spotted one if 1) you're in downtown LA and 2) well, I guess that's it. We're known to be "trendy" and traditional fashion and business rules don't apply so anything goes in the life of a creative. I've even gone to meetings with people who weren't wearing pants. Appropriate? Eh, who am I to judge? But I prefer to err on the side of caution with a crisp button down and jeans.

Trendy? No.


The button down is from Tobi and a couple years old. The best thing about a white button down is it never goes out of style so you can find similar blouses here and here. The jeans I bought from Urban Outfitters are currently on sale and my new favorite shoes are from Revolve. The glasses are from the men's section in a department store in Tokyo. Probably one of my favorite trip buys ever and it was only $40. 

Put all together I'd say you'd make a great first impression for your meet & greet. This look actually reminds me of my mom as she used to be a blouse wearing gem before Lululemon got a hold of her. What can I say, mom knows best.

What's your go-to meeting attire?