Summer Favorites

Summer Favorites

The weather in LA is finally cooling off, which means that summer is slowly winding down. Not that I don't like summer, I do, it's just that stepping outside and immediately breaking into a runner's sweat is getting old. But I did have a great three months of hiking and pool lounging and I've finally locked down my favorite new products from the summer!

I rarely do "favorites" posts because I'm very loyal to products and don't replace them often but this summer has added a slew of new products into my beauty arsenal that I'm excited to share with you!

  • Essie in Marshmallow: Let's start off with an oldie but goodie. When it comes to my nails I tend to stick with two colors: OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark and Essie's Marshmallow. For summer, the crispness of the sheer white is perfect. 
  • Artis Makeup Brushes: If you've followed me over the years you know I'm not much of a makeup person so having makeup brushes on my "favorites" list might come as a shock to you. Truth is, my most used makeup brushes are from NYX and all cost under $10 (I'm a sucker for a deal) but these brushes are well worth the cost of admission. The brushes are made of tightly packed fibers that are positioned like the pad of your finger tips giving you a smoother and more naturally looking finish. I was skeptical at first because my best friend Jen has one of the knock-offs that absorb tons of products and gives an uneven finish but I didn't have any issues with the Artis Brush. In fact I use less product and it gives me a fuller coverage! In my opinion, they are pricey, but if you wanted to test one out I'd recommend the Oval 7, which is perfect for foundation application.   
  • Glossier Haloscope: I've been using this product for months and absolutely LOVE it. It has a beautiful natural dewiness when applied and gives off a light shimmer. I've been using Topaz on my eyelids to achieve a "wet" look and Quartz as a natural looking highlighter. 
  • Glossier Balm DotCom: I have Glossier's Balm DotCom products in my car, bathroom, desk and bedside table. It's great to have around because I use it on my lips and on my cuticles. It's a thick salve that you can put on any dry spot. I've recently added their flavor balms to my collection. The flavored versions (I own Rose, Cherry and Mint) are much thicker than the original version and doesn't really add color to your lips. I say stick with the original but it doesn't hurt to have the whole collection.
  • 24/7 Honey Dual Lip Treatment Oil & Color Lip Balm: Let the K-Beauty obsession begin. Summer 2016 introduced me to four new K-beauty favorites. The 24/7 Dual Lip Treatment is incredibly hydrating and perfect for all occasions. On one end you have a nourishing lip oil that really helps my chapped lips. At the other end is a sheer coral lipstick. It does look really bright in the tube but goes on sheer and would compliment any skin color.
  • 24/7 Touch Up Skin-Perfecting Cream: I add the cream to my foundation to give me a a yummy dewiness but you can also apply it as a highlighter. It has a ton of anti-aging ingredients in it and smells like baby powder. 
  • Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sunscreen: Speaking of anti-aging, let's talk sunscreen. A must for EVERY DAY wear. That's right. EVERY DAY. Up until this point I was using Mizon UV Mild Sun Block and really loved it. It's very light weight, had great protection and did not smell like sunscreen, which I appreciated. I would totally recommend it to everyone but now it's playing second string to my new Kicho Sunscreen. The formula is much thicker and boasts a crazy SPF 50 but if I'm being honest, the packaging is just crazy cute. The Kicho sunscreen is twice as much as my beloved Mizon so if you're on a budget get Mizon, but you can't go wrong with either one. 
  • 7 Days Mask: My favorite "favorite" of the bunch is the 7 Days Mask series. There is a mask for every skin goal: Pomegranate (my personal favorite) great for the general health of skin; Bamboo for hydrating and moisture; Aloe for soothing; Tea Tree to combat acne, Avocado for maintaining healthy skin; Lemon for brightening; and Green Tea for exfoliation. I use these masks multiple times a week and I don't have to worry about going broke because they are only $3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I buy in bulk, obviously ;)

Those are my Summer Favorites! Let me know in the comments if you've tried any of these products and what you think! Also share some products you've been loving this summer! 

- Aja