October Favorites

New month, new beauty favorites. I'm surprised I'm able to get another favorites post done so quickly, but I've been swimming in products since the weather has finally changed in LA. These are the products I'm loving now:

  • Bite Beauty Multistick: Probably my favorite item on this list! I was first introduced to The Multistick on set with Sephora. I shot with Sephora Pro David and he created a beautiful monochromatic look using The Multistick (click here to watch the video). I love the idea of a one stop makeup shop - I used to use a Benefit lip tint on my lips, cheeks and eyelids but the consistency was sticky and it's no longer available. What I love about the Bite Multistick is that it applies like a cream but wears like a powder. It's easy to blend and incredibly lightweight. While I have all 18 colors, I mostly use Almond and Brioche for every day use. Though one of these days I'm going to be bold enough to wear Nectar, which is a deep dusty plum color. 
  • LORAC Mega Pro 3 Palette: I have never in my life cared about an eye palette, but the moment I opened the Mega Pro 3, I fell in love. Anytime I do my makeup it is right beside me. It's a simple, everyday palette with 32 beautiful shades. I lean towards neutral mattes so this palette is my life. There are great shimmery colors as well but I don't like to use shimmer on my hooded lids. It has a silky texture and blends well with my Bite Beauty Multisticks. This palette is nearly impossible to find online but maybe you'll luck out at your local Ulta. 
  • Be The Skin Nutrition Power Toner: This is an excellent toner for cooler weather. I stopped using my summer toner a couple months ago and have been very happy with my new one. While it is a toner, it has a thicker consistency and sinks into the skin instantly. It has a plumping and softening effect that has made a huge difference to my skin. Highly recommend this toner for the winter months. 
  • Kicho Sheep Oil Cream: As with my toner I traded to a thicker cream for the cooler months. I have definitely fallen in love with the cream, and for good reason! Lanolin, while a sheep by-product, is the only animal oil that can be obtained with zero harm to the animal. Lanolin oil is most like our own sebum, which makes it highly compatible, absorbable and gentle to our skin. While it is a thicker cream, it's still great for oily-skin types as the Lanolin locks and binds hydration into even the driest skin types without clogging pores. I use this for both my a.m. and p.m. routine.
  • Shu Uemura Art of Hair Urban Moisture Serum: I was introduced to the Urban Moisture collection a couple months ago at a Shu Uemura party. The Urban Moisture is a collection that nourishes and hydrates while protecting hair against urban aggressors, such as dust, pollution and hard water. Living in smoggy Los Angeles I was really eager to try the collection. I spray it on damp hair and blow out. It gives me a great texture as well, making my hair easier to style. Because it comes in a spray bottle, it can be evenly distributed in my hair without my strands getting oily. 
  • Kiehl's Apothecary Preparations: If you want to splurge on a skincare serum, I'd recommend looking into this. Kiel's Apothecary Preparation is a personalized serum with tailor-made facial concentrates to address your skin concerns. During a free consultation, you will discuss your skin and skin concerns with a Kiehl's representative - I wanted to target wrinkles and skin texture. From there, you get a skin strengthening concentrate, which is used for all skin types, and the targeted concentrates for my personal concerns - and you mix it together at home. As this is a serum, I've had some trial and error with figuring out the right amount to add into my current skincare routine but I'm very happy with how it's been complimenting my night time skincare routine. 
  • NUXE Anti-Aging Eye Cream, Lip Contour Nuxuriance Ultra: If you've followed me on Youtube, you know my continuous struggle with trying to find an effective eye cream. I've been looking for something that will target my under eye circles and prevent aging around the eye. For me it's hard to tell when an eye cream is really working but I think I've found a brand I'd like to keep around. The Anti-Aging Eye Cream, Lip Contour has Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-floral Cells, which act on wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. I've noticed the skin around my eyes become brighter and lines have been kept at bay. 
  • Artis Skincare 5 Brush Set: This is the second time Artis has landed on my favorites list. Instead of being for it's makeup brushes, this time it's for the Artis Skincare 5 Brush Set, which has been a great addition to my skincare routine. Just like the makeup set, the skincare brushes are made of tightly packed fibers that are positioned like the pad of your finger tips. I was really interested in trying this set with my serums because my serum application was uneven and I wasted a lot of product. Now application is more even and uniform. I've definitely noticed a difference while using these brushes so I would definitely recommend them if you have the money.