What Happened In A Month?!

What the hell happened in a month?

Really, I'm so confused...

Last month, I was kind of lost and semi-depressed but now. Now. I don't even know how to explain it. 





I guess I did something new? Not really new but maybe more uncensored.

I was honest. 

I was honest about my debt. I was honest about my insecurities. I was honest about everything and anything. It felt good. It feels good. 

It has really struck a chord with people. As many people have reached out to me regarding my recent videos. Sharing their stories. Being inspired by mine. It feels good to build a community of supporters. 

It makes me think about the whole Paul Logan situation. (wait, is that his name?). He majorly fucked up, and his fans defended him. They DEFENDED HIM. If I royally fucked up, I would be embarrassed if my core audience didn't call me out on it.

My best friend Jen and I have a joke: If you go out in public in an ugly outfit and none of your friends say anything about it. You don't have friends. 

It's like that. 

I'm grateful for the community we are building together. It's giving me confidence that our world isn't actually going to collapse. 


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