It's been a while. 

I semi-finished Vlogmas. Spent Christmas in LA and for the first time in two years, was actually awake for the New Year countdown.

New year, new me.


My feet are finally starting to peel from my Baby Feet foot mask :)

Today was a pretty good start to 2018. I slept in until 930, went to brunch, went grocery shopping, took a nap, cooked a vegetarian dinner AND accomplished my to-do list. It was actually pretty nice to not be in a rush to finish my to-do list - finished it at 11p, but I finished it! 

AND I put together my financial budget for the first half of the month. As long as I get paid consistently (still waiting on payment from April 2017, sooo... tbd), I'll be able to pay off my car by May and then I'll really be able to make some leeway on my student loans. Debt free in 8 years? Oye. 

The main focus for January 1-15, my merchandise. With the goal of launching the line on my birthday, the deadline is quickly approaching. Plus, I'll be out of town for the launch so all marketing needs to be completed before the 27th. I feel like my vision for my Woman's Worth Collection has drastically shifted. From something simplistic to... I don't know, it's just different now. It's concerning. I also haven't found a producer and apparently the $1,500 I set aside for the merchandise won't go as far as I thought. Like I said, concerning. 

Is it worth the looming stress? TBD. 

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