What Does It Mean To Be A Perfect Woman?

I'm on episode two of a show called The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. 

In the first episode you see this woman; married to the man of her dreams. She is always the epitome of perfection; never takes off her makeup before her husband falls asleep and wakes up early to do her hair and makeup so he wakes up to her looking fabulous. She takes her body measurements every day, goes to workout class, gave him two kids, supports him during his terrible comedy nights, cooks meals and does all the negotiating. 

And of course what happens? He leaves her for his secretary. 

Ain't that a bitch. 

I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be a "perfect" woman. Of course, there really isn't such thing, but men claim that want a "perfect" woman and women claim to want to be "perfect".

But I guess that's who women are. We strive for perfection.

We want to have THE career, THE family, THE body. 

I found myself getting anxiety because I was working outside of the house for most of this week. Missed lunch and sometimes dinner at home. Wasn't able to do the dishes. Wasn't able to walk the dogs. Wasn't even able to complete my full nighttime skin routine (the horror!) because I was just too tired. 

However, I did bring home take out dinner, because that was what was expected of me. God forbid the world survives without my presence. 

But when it comes to men, if they have a job, don't call women 'sluts' and are semi-nice,        we've found a catch. 

How sad.

Why is the bar so goddamn low for men but for women, we're expected to be Ina Garten, Michelle Obama AND Angelina Jolie wrapped in a size two dress?


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