Do I Have Commitment Issues?

Happy December 1st (yikes).

As I'm starting Vlogmas today, I came to a scary realization: I have never finished anything I've started. 

Cleanses, can't finish. Workout programs, can't finish. I've avoided doing Vlogmas so I wouldn't have the pressure and accountability of actually finishing it. How sad is that? Does this mean that I'm just lazy or does it mean that I'm just not into the things I think I want to do?

Honestly, Brian and I are having a tiff these days over marriage. He wants to get engaged, I'm in no rush. Does this mean I'm scared of commitment or just a modern gal? I mean commitment, especially in relationships, has never scared me so I know it's not it, but this pattern of not finishing things is kind of scary. Even though you can't really compare marriage to 60 days of P90X, It really does make you think. 

So that is my test for December 2017. FINISH. FUCKING. VLOGMAS. 

Maybe as incentive, I'll treat myself to a nice expensive post-Vlogmas treat? Gucci? Spa Day? A trip home?




Who are we kidding. I'm to cheap for any of that shit. I'll commit myself to a $20 mani/pedi.  

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