I Had A "Me" Day.

I took some "me" time today. 

Went to the Korean spa, got a body scrub and just relaxed. It was really nice and I 100% deserved it. 

I went originally because my chest was really itchy, which is weird because I've never experienced something like that before. Adrina said it's probably from the hot ass weather (HELLO, IT'S NOVEMBER) so I figured a body scrub would do the trick. It has. Scrubbed off a billion layers of dirt, oil and dead skin and haven't been itchy since. I've decided I want to get a body scrub done once a month. I really feel the difference on my upper back where all the oil and product from my hair gets built up.

I think Hugh Spa is my favorite Korean spa in LA. It's women-only, small, not too busy (or at least today it wasn't) and clean. Plus, the lady at the front desk called me beautiful, sooo... JUST TAKE ALL MY MONEY. 

It was great to go by myself too. I haven't been to a Korean spa by myself but I really enjoyed it. Being able to take my time in the different rooms and not having to talk to anyone was really calming. Next time I'll have to carve out more time to eat over there. The food looked bomb. But alas, I had to pick the dogs up from daycare. 

Is a woman's job ever done?

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