Am I Mulan?

I cried tonight. One of those ugly cries. And NOTHING happened. 

I literally was about to eat fried chicken and I burst into tears.  

I have this reoccurring daydream where I win the Oscar for playing Mulan (Ya, I know how it sounds.) My speech is an emotional train wreck of depression and struggle yet I get a standing ovation from the Hollywood elite because of my rawness and the society loves me because I'm relatable.

(My daydreams are apparently pretty intensive) 

Anyway. That was what I was thinking about when I started to cry. The thought of winning an Oscar was fake but the exhaustion was real. 

I'm gearing up for a very busy December, after a pretty stressful November, after a financially straining October. 2017 is seriously the worst. And I'm saying this after thinking 2016 was the worst. Seriously, WTF.

Now I'm listening to slow jams, after drinking a glass of wine. 

I'm in a mood now. 

Aja Dang3 Comments